ODDS Underwear

Today’s topic is a little promotional post for our new favourite local Novelty Underwear brand ODDS!

ODDS are a Manchester based Independant Novelty Underwear brand with a powerful ‘from girls, for girls’ policy.

In an ever questionable society with influential figures shockingly promoting misogynistic behaviour **cough, Trump, cough** us young women are left feeling like the ODDS are stacked against us. But social media provides us with a platform  to stand together in fighting for female equality in whatever shape it may arise.

The ODDS mission states ‘When we began ODDS we wanted to create a brand that takes away the sexual stigma around undressing, that a girl can only be in nice underwear to impress someone else. As a group of girls we come in full force when aiming to eliminate any sexual stigma around women’s clothing and how they ‘should’ dress. ODDS’ opening statement, detailed above, aims to invite any girl, anywhere to become a part of their mission to demolish the need for male attention, and wear your underwear for YOU! Because at the end of the day, who else’s opinion do you really care about?! ODDS’ designs were created to add a fun and cheeky element to your everyday undies, so that when you undress, you can’t help but smile.’

What is not to LOVE about that?! Their mixture of cheeky designs, cute colours and the cheap and cheerful price tag is definitely a bit of us! We cannot wait to grab a pair!

Alongside all the other ODDS love, their promotional imagery for their first launch is so adorable we cannot help but share it with you, so join us and grab yourself the newest, cutest and most affordable undies round town by shopping with ODDS on; Depop – @oddsunderwear

So join us all in fighting to represent girl power everywhere, and wear your undies loud and proud, whilst of course staying f**king adorable.

Follow the ODDS story on Instagram, Facebook & Depop – @oddsunderwear



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