Happy Anniversary to… US!

Hello All,

It probably doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone that the three of us consider ourselves to be in a pretty intense (and loving) relationship at this stage. Seriously, we are a power…threesome? So it seems only fitting that we celebrate monumental occasions like our 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY, in the same way any couple would.

Dinner, drinks and debauchery.

Although a little late we celebrated in full force none the less. As keen meat eaters we took ourselves to Reds True BBQ, for all your self-disgusting indulgence, this is the spot.

BUT don’t underestimate the power of three lanky ladies, we literally ate everything.

We aren’t ones to do anything half arsed, and we have to admit it was quite impressive. We saw this as the perfect excuse to dress up a smidge and a rare occasion to show you us a little more fancy than usual, however the meat sweats are partially visible here…

Catch Lindsey going into a meat coma… noooooo


Lindsey wears:

Top – Missguided

Bralette – Urban Outfitters

Coat – ASOS

Jeans – Urban Outfitters

Crep Check – Vagabonds

Here is Alex sweating out a whole pig…


Alex wears:

Jacket – Depop

Top – Topshop

Trousers – Vintage

Crep Check – Mango

Here is April looking lovingly over at our new home (Red’s)…


April wears:

Scarf – Topshop

Coat – New Look

Dress – Zara

Crep Check – Vagabond

So Happy Anniversary to Triple Down! Thank you so much for all the gifts and praises, we hope our internet presence has lightened up your life a little, and we sure hope to be able to celebrate many many more.

Thank you for all the support. Keep it coming 🙂

Love ya! xoxo

Give us a follow on Instagram (@tripledownblog) to keep up with our weird daily life.

All our love;

Alex, Lindsey and April


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