Hello fans,

So getting back into the swing of Uni means back to learning about the fundamentals of fashion, as much as we may complain this really helps us to keep an open mind and think outside the box when it comes to expressing our style.

As you know we do love a little DIY and when you really think there’s nothing you want to wear in that mountain of clothes, sometimes it’s time to have a tactical re-think.

Often it’s easy to think that all the things on trend and in stores right now have to be bought that way, frayed hems and patchwork denim are really in for yet another season (oi oi fashion factoid) but really its easier, cheaper and much more fun to grab an old item from the back of your wardrobe and give it a new lease of life.

This week we threw on some of our new (old) favourite items, post a little sewing, chopping and imagination.

Lindsey took two pairs of old Levi 501’s in a light and medium wash denim, with a little trend inspo and innovation she cut them both in half and sewed them back together (with a little help from her friend Rose). With a little frayed hem and some decent sewing skills she managed to create this sick look, we heart.

She wears:

Jeans – Levi 501’s (The Closet and eBay)

Shirt – Thrift Shop

Jacket – Lost Ink

Crep Check – Nike Air Force 1

April took her classic black school bag and one of her Dad’s vintage badges and with a few stitches created this totally unique sack de ruck.

She wears:

Jumper – Millie’s Mum’s

Jeans – Topshop Jamie (YOU KNOW THE ONES)

Bag – mi-pack rucksack  – (eBay/ASOS)

Badge – Vintage

Crep Check – Puma Suede

Alex took an XL Men’s white shirt and literally just chopped off the bottom half, makes for a comfy smart/casual kinda vibe, with those funky frayed hems, easy.

She wears:

Bomber Jacket – Depop

Shirt – Primark

Military Trousers – Vintage Market

Crep Check – CDG Converse (duh)

So if you’re ever bored, or don’t know what to wear then grab some scissors or a needle and thread and with some parental supervision you can surely re-invent your wardrobe.

Happy Snipping!


gossip goons

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All our love;

Alex, Lindsey and April


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