Third Year Yobs


After a long and learned summer our first week of Uni has finally commenced… though the early mornings have been challenging, we can safely say we have sailed through the first week in style and it’s good to be back.

With this in mind, we thought we’d kickstart third year with a simple campus style post, showing you there’s never reason not to dress to impress.

9am is testing, but the working world is calling and we must become old hats at looking stylish at any and every hour of the day.

NB: Never forget your coffee, the most essential accessory…


She Wears:

Top – Comme des Garcons PLAY

Jacket – eBay

Trousers – Manchester Thrift Shop

Bag – Never Fully Dressed (Depop)

Crep Check – Vans

Keepin’ it cute, casual & comfy…


She Wears:

Jumpsuit – Lost Ink

Shirt – Manchester Thrift Shop

Jacket – Urban Outfitter Renewal

Bag – eBay

Crep Check – Nike Air Force 1

And force a smile…

img_9532She Wears:

Jumpsuit – Zara

Jacket – Blue Rinse

Bag – ebay x DIY

Crep Check – Reebok

HOLD UP! Before you spend all that loan, save some £ for one of our chic custom tees;

lil’ factory sneak peek


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All our love;

Alex, Lindsey and April


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