Triple Down on Tour: Berlin Edition

Guten Tag!

About a week ago we went to Berlin, our new place of worship. So we thought that we would give you guys our holiday look book, for the ultimate street style guide. We obviously had to up our game to blend into this stylish city, and make a good impression on our new German family. (Shoutout to Peter!)

We did all the touristy bits, of course, but the best sight in Berlin was obviously what we were wearing! No, kidding, really Berlin is an inspiring city rich in history and culture and we are true fans… so here we have compiled a collection of all our sassy looks. For a Brit abroad, sometimes it’s hard to know how to adjust to actually experiencing the sun, so we took our London looks and tried to make them as brilliantly Berlin-esque as possible.

So here it is, the ultimate Berlin Look Book, the first of many chic city-break style guides…

Beige Trousers – Vintage Levi Trousers

Pink Dress – ASOS

Floral Flares – Zara

Striped Trousers – Zara

Jumpsuit – Zara

Crep check – Adidas Gazelles 


Navy Slip Dress – Rat & Boa

Beige Corduroy Jumpsuit – Lost Ink

Jeans – 2 pairs of Levi 501s DIY

Leather Trousers – Zara

Pink dress – Topshop

Crep Check – Nike Air Force 1


Leopard Leggings – American Apparel on Depop

Bikini – Adidas on Depop

White Linen Trousers – Vintage Shop 

White Suit Shorts – Zara

Black Dress – Zara

Crep Check – Comme des Garcons Converse

Processed with VSCO with a9 preset

So thank you for having us Berlin, until next time…

*keep an eye out for our shop, we have loads of groovy new stock coming A$AP! πŸ™‚

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All our love;

Alex, Lindsey and April


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