One Stop Sock Shop

Hello, Hello, Hi

So we are due another post, we can’t keep saying sorry for being useless but please give us the benefit of the doubt and believe that we are trying v hard to be organised, it’s difficult when we’re all so far away from each other. The delays between posts are definitely worth the wait though, so we know that you know that we know that it’s fine, right?

Aaaaaanyway we have had a heavy summer to be fair, but nothing stops us from trying to be all that encompasses fa$hun and thus we thought we’d bring you a go-to staple of ours, the ultimate shoe-sock combo.

Now as much as this may sound unnecessary and at this point you are thinking “yes, socks must be worn with shoes, thank you for the heads up captain-fucking-obvious” BUT NAH

hold up,



like with everything we like to take something that doesn’t need to be complicated, put it in a blender and mash it up. So we thought we’d show you how to create the ultimate accessory with something you probably didn’t even realise was a thing. This will help you  jazz up any outfit and with a little extra enthusiasm, you can create the root to an amazing outfit, whether spicing up your crep game or adding an extra twist to your party gown.

Linds’  rising to the occasion (get it? with the heels ;))…

She wears:

Pink velvet shoes – ASOS

Pink rib socks – ASOS

Black open-toe heels – Lost Ink

White pop socks – Urban Outfitters

 Al keeping it fresh as per…

She wears:

Black shoes – Vans

Sports socks – Champion

White shoes – CDG Converse 

Socks – Topshop

April looking all cute…

She wears:

Red shoes – Topshop

White socks – ASOS

White shoes – Dr Martens

Stripey socks – Topshop

So suck it up and get some sick socks.

Until next time… xoxo

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All our love;

Alex, Lindsey and April


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