Workwear Chic

Hi… remember us?

So, somehow a month of summer has passed and although a holiday is ALWAYS necessary, we’ve been getting down to work to try ‘n’ get our shit together and be like, you know, adults.

Getting a glimpse into the real working fashion industry is so exciting for us, and although we all take different paths within it, we have all been fortunate enough to grab some opportunities and run with them for these few months. Lucky for us, going into something we love means we get to get a lil’ jazzy with our workwear, which is just too fun to not show off…

Unfortunately due to our professional engagements its been difficult for us to link up and cause drama, which thinking about it might be the best thing for our London-dried bank accounts at the moment, so we thought from all corners of the Smog we’d quickly show you a couple of our work outfits for channeling those “trying to be an adult” type a vibes…

Monday Mourning

Alex wears:

Jacket – The Closet

T-shirt – All Saints

Trousers – Mango

Shoes – Reebok x Size 

Bag – Carhartt

Sunglasses – Ray Bans

Wednesday Workday

Lindsey wears:

Jacket – Zara

Leather Pinafore Dress – Urban Outfitters

Top – Topshop

Boots – Vagabond

Bag – Urban Outfitters

Still cute though… 

April wears:

Jacket – Afflecks Palace

Vest – H&M

Belt – American Apparel

Trousers –  Topshop

Shoes – Reebok Princess

Bag – Bessie 

BOOM – see, easy!

As per, we hope we can partially aid to inspire you on your way to work (or hopefully something a little more fun);

BIG love, and stay tuned…

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All our love;

Alex, Lindsey and April


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