Summer Lovin’


Summer… Summer… Summer… the best time of year has finally arrived, and we’re back to show you some of our favourite Day to Night Summertime outfits!

Firstly we want to apologise for our slow posts these days, we have had to part to pursue our break and so find it a little tough to force people other than eachother to get pictures of us posing as spiffingly as we do…

This is just a quickie to show you all how we like to mix it up in the British (or if lucky enough, foreign) sun and show you how easy it is to dart from day to night just changing a few items of your outfit!

If you’re always running late as we (*cough April*) tend to be when on your way out, it’s super easy to dart home and grab a new jacket and shoes and hit the town after work or for other fun summer activities!

So here’s us showing you how we do, day-to-night easy peasy, just change up a couple things, spritz on some slut spray and you’re good to paint the town red.

First we see a simple and ever chic April for a day out shopping, and then out to a bar…


She wears:

Shopping to Boppin;


Sunglasses – ASOS

DRESS- Designer Wholesale Outlet

Bag – Vintage

Socks – ASOS

Shoes – Adidas Stan Smiths


Dress – SAME AS ABOVE (THAT’S THE POINT, get it ;))

Jacket – Father’s best ‘hand me down’

Shoes -Vagabonds

What’s on the floor Al?

Alex goes from a day in the park to dinner in town;


She wears:

Park Princess:

Jacket – The Closet

Top – Zara

JEANS – Levi 501’s

Bag – Zara

Shoes – Puma

Evening Diva:

Jacket – Missguided

Body – American Apparel (eBay’s finest)

JEANS – SAME AS ABOVE (a pattern commences…)

Boots – Mango

Bag – Missguided

Last but never least, Linds the fairy flitters from a summer’s day out to a cheeky evening barbecue with ease;


Daytime Darlin’:

Cropped Tee – Topshop



Socks – ASOS

Sandals – New Look

BBQ Babe:

Crop Top – Lucca



Sandals – Teva

We hope you like our Summertime Sass and although we can be slow please stay tuned for more coming soon as *update* we have dragged ourselves to the big smoke for a summer of trying to become adults, with this will soon come some super fun fashion finds and OUR VLOGGING DEBUT (finally… sorry, we can be a bit s***t with the ol’ technology)

And, as per…

If you like these looks be sure to follow the links attached and give us a follow on Instagram (@tripledownblog) to keep up with our weird daily life.

All our love;

Alex, Lindsey and April


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