The Trickle Down Theory

Today we thought we’d give you a little insight into the background of our blog; we actually know quite a lot from our 20 wisdom filled years – not so much about us, but just some information about our name and its origin because we imagine some of you wonder.

So when the stars aligned and we found each other, realising our obscene talent and wavy charm we took ourselves off to Fallow Caf (if you’re from round us you might know this hotspot, if not it’s basically a very nice café, it’s incredibly hard to keep Lindsey from crying with happiness every time we go) and here we commenced what we didn’t then know would be the first of many meetings to create our love child, Triple Down.

So after some MAJOR brainstorming (we have never stormed our brains like that, hence the magical result), we decided that it was very important our blog be relevant to our actually relatively high percentage of fashion knowledge.

Triple Down logo

One of the go-to and most reliable theories within the industry is the Trickle Down theory, so to cut to the chase there’s three of us, so with our amazing wit and powerful minds we decided to make it Triple Down, get it? Cus theres 3 of us? We know…

Aaaanway, just to mix it up here’s a quick explanation of the theory, you see you’re getting free and interesting knowledge with the added perk of thinking you aren’t because it’s a fashion blog and we’re just three girls who like to talk a lot about clothes…

trickle down

So, the “trickle-down” theory is a straightforward way of predicting fashion diffusion: a hierarchical process whereby those with high status, for example high end, luxury fashion designers and retailers, establish the fashion trends. These are then imitated by those with lower-status who wear and create cheaper versions of the styles, for example high street retailers.

Burberry Prorsum → High Street Style

Subsequently, these high-status individuals become motivated to differentiate themselves by moving on to a new trend, hence the eventual fast fashion we have today, where trends are forecast adapted and displayed seasonally by high end designers, for us to eventually end up with a version of it in our very own closet.

Calvin Klein  High Street Style

The origin of the theory is generally attributed to sociologist Georg Simmel, although he was actually only one of several writers (e.g. Spencer, Grosse, Veblen) who sought to explain fashion through class structure and social mobility in the late 19th Century.

Xander Zkou → High Street Style

Through a contemporary lens, Simmel (like others of his day) placed excessive emphasis on social class in his explanation of fashion. Simmel’s analysis was especially nuanced in its blend of psychology and philosophy. The theory embodies a combination of imitation and differentiation, perfectly coinciding with what we portray here at ‘Triple Down’.

Ralph Lauren → High Street Style

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All our love;

Alex, Lindsey and April


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