Driving home for Christmas

Hey people,

We hope you’ve had an as much needed break as us…

SO sorry we’ve been AWOL the past few weeks! We ended the term completely bogged down with coursework stress and barely had time to sleep or eat, never mind keeping a handle on anything else. Sadly we then quickly had to part ways straight after deadlines to head home for Christmas (except Alex, who hopped straight on a plane to South Africa – lucky thing!) with April going back down to Sussex, Lindsey back to Yorkshire, and Alex eventually making it home, we’ve rustled up a post to show you our holiday spirit for 2015.

We thought we’d come back with an international style festive post showing you what we all wore on Christmas day, just to stress to you quite how different our outfit angles sometimes are!

Alex was lucky enough to spend Christmas Day abroad this year, after flying to Zimbabwe and being able to spend Christmas there for the beginning of her amazing trip around Africa, she had an amazing (5 course?!!!) Christmas Dinner – which sure beat the boring day on the sofa she had going for her in England. After arriving from a beautiful 5°C in the UK she was able to spend the day in a sweltering 42°… Hence the outfit!

As the evening dawned she had to throw on a shirt to veil the evening breeze;

(Plus the cheeky fringe debut)…


She wears:

Shirt: Thunder Egg – Manchester

Similar one found here

Bralet: Lalula Boutique

Similar one found here

Skirt: eBay

Similar style now stocked

Ballet Shoes: Prmark 

Similar pairs found here

Sunglasses: Boutique – Celine Style

Similar pair found here

When April goes back home her inner country bumpkin comes out. She loves cosy jumpers, fluffy hats and wellies become her bestfriend! Christmas Day in the countryside usually consists of lounging by the fire, a long (long long long) walk instigated by her mum and maybe a stroll up to the local pub. It’s all about being snuggly and warm for the perfect lazy, country Christmas.


She wears:

Hat: American Apparel

Find one here

Jumper: Hand knitted by April’s very own mum (shout out to Kathy Pogson)

Suede Trousers: Cow Vintage

Similar pair found here

Belt: Cow Vintage

Similar one found here

Shoes: Adidas Stan Smiths

Find here

Lindsey adds a bit more class to Christmas this year, whilst she unwraps her presents snuggled up in jammys she can’t help but get all fancy in her new clothes making sure she looks a million dollars on Christmas Day.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

She wears:

Pink coat: Depop

Find here

White coat: Neon Rose

Find here

Top: Motel Rocks

Find here

Pleated Culottes: Zara 

Similar pair found here

Socks: Topshop

Find here

Boots: Vagabond

Find them here

…and a cheeky (admittedly late) Happy New Year from us!

If you like these looks or want any more style tips, please comment, like, share and subscribe. Alternatively, you can email us at tripledownblog@gmail.com


Alex, Lindsey and April


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