Lindsey Malcolm

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Name: Lindsey Charlotte Malcolm

Age: 20

Height: 5’7”

Clothes size: 6

Measurements: Bust 32”, Waist 24”, Hips 31”, Leg 32”

Shoe Size: 7

Background: I grew up in a suberb in Wakefield with no siblings and no pets; it wasn’t the most social upbringing, so moving to Manchester for university has been great. City life is the one. I’m currently studying a Fashion Buying & Merchandising degree but want to end up working as a Fashion Stylist. Working in fashion has pretty much always been my career goal, (well I originally wanted to be the number one singer, actress, model and designer in the world… but then reality hit with me having absolutely none of the required talents), and the role of a stylist just seemed the perfect fit. I have always been obsessed with clothes, it might sound silly but for me there’s no better feeling than wearing a new outfit combination out in public for the first time. I want to expand on that by styling fresh outfit combinations for people/companies across the globe, feeling the buzz of knowing that I created those looks. Getting to travel around the world to work with various clients doesn’t sound too shabby either…

Music: For daytime chilling my main genre choice is ‘Indie’ music: The Stone Roses, The 1975, The Libertines… anything like that is always a winner, always puts me in a good mood. To be honest though, I’m happy to listen to most artists. When it comes to the evening however, I’m all about drum & bass and bassline music, got to love a good skank to them beats – with the occasional house/techno/garage night thrown in there to mix it up a bit.

Hobbies: I’d say I spend the majority of my time shopping, mainly online for clothes I convince myself I can’t live without, even though 30 seconds prior I was unaware of their existence. I also love to alter them, to add my own little personal touch. I hate the thought of wearing exactly the same item hundreds of other people are wearing. When I’m not spending money on clothes, I’m spending it on food. I am a massive foodie, I spend my life deciding when is an acceptable time to eat again and what to have; it’s an obsession. Eating out is undoubtedly one of my favourite past times and forever will be, but having said that, I am spending an increasing amount of time improving my skills in the cooking and baking department. Sport used to be a another massive hobby of mine, I spent my childhood playing for various teams but I unfortunately stopped when I left school… I should probably start that again, I can barely even walk up a flight of stairs without getting tired now.

Cuisine: I honestly don’t know if I could pick just one cuisine to be my favourite, I have two. Firstly French with the exquisiteness of dishes such as ‘Coquilles Saint-Jacques’, ‘Baked Camembert’, ‘Magret De Canard’ and ‘Dauphinoise Potatoes’, it’s place as the ‘world’s best cuisine’ is undeniable. Contrasting this in my mind however, is the slightly less refined American cuisine. Packed full of saturated fat, this food may not be as sophisticated but with items such as BBQ pork, fries, bacon and maple syrup, waffles and brownies; my mouth can’t help but water.

Film: I wish I was one of those people who when you ask ‘What’s your favourite film?’ just know the answer straight away. I don’t. But I’ve been giving it a lot of thought and the film that comes to mind is ‘‘12 Angry Men’’. It’s probably one of the simplest film concept’s I’ve ever heard; a black and white film where a jury of 12 men sit in a room for 97 minutes and discuss the verdict of a court case which is never shown, and the truth of which is never revealed. However this is the beauty of it, this is what makes it so powerful, so impactful; there is nothing detracting from the flawless acting and in depth character development throughout the film. ‘‘12 Angry Men’’ manages to fully capture the audience, draining you of all your emotions and keeping you hooked with suspense to the very end. It’s a film I will never grow tired of.

Book: I unfortunately haven’t read that many books as I was never a big reader as a child – something I now wish I had been – I read about one typically girly book a year and that was it. To make up for it I am currently trying to read my way through the classics, my favourite so far being ‘‘To Kill A Mockingbird’’. Having such an important moral message, especially in a time of social inequality, whilst still being an easy read. It’s definitely one I’d recommend.

Fun Fact: Don’t know if I’d class this as a fun fact, but something you wouldn’t know about me is that instead of having one uvula, I have two small ones. Due to this, I had to go to speaking lessons when I was in infant school to stop me from developing a lisp.

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Fashion: How to describe my style? I’d say I’m pretty minimalist but with an urban edge, I’ve never really been one for wearing lots of colour or patterns. I’m also a massive fan of vintage clothing. I buy most of my clothes from vintage stores (Burberry coats for £65, hell yes!), but as mentioned earlier I often like to alter them, adding my own personal touch and turning them into styles I had been looking for. I always like to keep ahead of the trends, reading plenty of fashion magazines, and use that along with street style for influence.

My favourite physical shops are Blue Rinse Vintage, Pop Boutique and Cow, with Urban Outfitters being my favourite high street shop. However I do a lot of my shopping online, mainly using eBay (which is very dangerous for my bank account as I refuse to lose bidding wars no matter the cost) and asos. It’s often quicker this way as I tend to know exactly what I’m looking for, so it’s easier to search for it using the Internet rather than traipsing around various stores. Once I am settled in my job I plan to expand my wardrobe with a few high-end pieces to add that bit of luxury, but that isn’t really possible on a student budget.

My 3 fashion rules:

  1. “ Don’t wear just one brand Mix and match; you don’t want to look like an advert.
  2. “ Be open-minded” Don’t be scared to try something different, you never know you might love it.
  3. “ Always check the rear view mirrorV.P.Ls are not an option!

Lots of love,



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