Alex Neilson-Clark


Name: Alexandra Neilson-Clark

Age: 20

Height: 5 ’11”

Clothes Size: 8

Measurements: Bust 34”, Waist 25”, Hips 34”Leg 34”

Shoe Size: 6

Background: I grew up in London for many fruitful years, where I roamed the concrete streets as a small and relatively normal child. At the mediocrely awkward age of about 12 we upped sticks and came back up North, because “Northerners are nicer” quote my mother.

I took some time finding out I wanted to do fashion, because to be honest I never knew you could study something you really loved. I owe so much to my mum for finding where I want to be, through thick and thin she told me I could do it and thanks to her I have, so far, so thanks mum, if you’re reading this (which you definitely are because I know how nosy you are). Its really good to have someone else who see’s your vision because often if you don’t feel like you fit into a box you usually still have to, but she taught me that you don’t and that was really cool.

Anyway somehow with a decent set of results I managed to spread my wings and fly a manageable distance to Manchester for Uni, and so, here I am.

Music: I wouldn’t say I have a favourite type or genre of music, I like all sorts. My favourite artist is Mike Skinner. He inspires me just as a person, he has so much passion, but he tells it like it is, I aspire to be the same. In The Streets he talks about feelings, about love and heartbreak, mixed with fun, the importance of sacking everything off to get mashed with your mates, forgetting the rubbish things that have to happen to everyone. He makes it all relatable, he gives me all the feels. I like a lot of other artists too, I don’t know my favourite genre, I’m very mood dependent.


Hobbies: I like sport, I always say this, partly because it is true and partly because I feel like I have to because I’m good at it and it’s always been my thing, which admittedly I am quite, at some. I also like art and art history and go to exhibitions for fun, and have now realised I need to get some better hobbies, I’ll work on that.

Cuisine: I like everything, and I eat everything, mine or not. (I personally love that we have titled this cuisine, like as though I know a lot about food, nah I just eat it).

Film: ‘‘This is England’’, I chose this as my film piece for the blog and the reason I think its one of my favourites is the fashion. The actors are amazing and the story is iconic but the fashion is just killer. I definitely have a bunch of favourite films though, its hard to narrow them down but one of them has to be ‘‘Mean Girls’’, far too generic and girly I know, but I can literally quote it word for word, I have witnesses.

Book: I am the furthest thing from a reader, literally ask anyone. I want to say by no fault of my own but it is, I could’ve trained myself to be a reader I think people do do that, but I’m just not one.

Fun Fact:  When I was younger I was a gymnast and a stunt double in a film with Jude Law. At the time I had no idea who he was, I really didn’t care, but my mum of course couldn’t let me pass up the opportunity to properly speak to him. When I did he told me he wished he could do what I did, flattered of course. I want to say he’s not all that special, but by god is he drop dead gorgeous.

FullSizeRender (1)

Fashion: I probably buy most of my clothes on the internet, I’m an eBay fiend and love a good internet browse, mostly because I’m both lazy and indecisive, so I don’t go actual shopping much, if I do I end up physically assaulting many people by the end of the trip.

I’d say my style is heavily street wear based, I only wear trainers and have a small obsession with them. My favourite item is always a smart coat or jacket but I like to change my style up all the time, see what happens.

My 3 Fashion Rules:

  1. Mix it upbe daring, chop and change your style, everyone doesn’t have to stay in their lane, swirve.
  2. Shoes matter mostdon’t ruin the outfit when you get to the feet, shameful.
  3. Wear it with confidenceif you think you look good, everybody else does too.

All my love,



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